Sheriff Seeking Information About Dead Man

The socks of the deceased man

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office announced on Wednesday that it is looking for information relating to a man whom the department found in April. The department said that the man’s body was found after officers were called to an area near the intersection of Highway 53 and Greensferry Road.

The department is looking for information about the man’s identification, as he did not have anything to help police identify the man when they found him.

Police believe the man was between twenty and thirty years old when he passed away. He was also quite tall at around six feet. Although he was young, the man suffered from arthritis in his back and also had a rod which had been placed in his left tibia.

The man died with a BIC lighter in his pocket.

Police believe his death occurred sometime between last summer and winter, but note that it could have occurred earlier.

Police did not mention a known cause of death, so it’s not clear whether he died of an intentional or accidental cause.

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