REALITY BASED TRUTH: A Black and White T-Shirt Campaign

Note: This article contains opinion and the author is involved in the events described.

Idaho loves rbt representative talks with Art on the Green attendee.

There’s another Coeur d Alene t shirt campaign making headway.  Last weekend during the Art on the Green Street Faire a group of people were busily handing out black and white t- shirts with a clear black and white message. “Idaho ❤️RBT.”  They were respectful, polite and kind and  pointed out that the acronym RBT stands for “REALITY BASED TRUTH.” Their passion is admirable and they make it clear to those stopping at their table  that any serious use of the word ‘truth’ ought to be grounded in some kind of objective reality.  

So why the T-shirt?  The group wants to acknowledge that the current cultural trend has steadily moved away from objective truth to subjective truth, based  on one’s own experience and feelings. The idea of what’s true for me does not have to be  true for you.  The supporters of Reality Based Truth (RBT) note that the biggest problem with this shift is that no one else is permitted to challenge, deny or judge ‘my truth’.

One of the RBT spokespersons  commented, “ Any attempt to do so will earn  the derogatory label of ‘HATER.’   Such a severe label comes from the idea that any form of judgement against the subjectivists creates an unsafe space, diminishes their  self perception and hurts their feelings. This is seen as cruel and hateful, hence the label ‘hater’.  To enter into a meaningful and productive discussion with such a person about their differences would be experienced as threatening . They would risk being  hurt and offended, and use that has an excuse to not engage with anyone who challenges their personal truth. Inflammatory labels are far more convenient and useful for shutting down any differing perspectives or opposition. Conversations are only considered honest and respectful when opponents tolerate, affirm,  celebrate and participate the subjectivists personal truth. “

Close up shot of t-shirt

Reality Based Truth thinkers  strongly believe that objective reality must be the plumb line that truth is measured by.  “Anything less, would not stand up, “ they say, “especially in a court of law."

Another Reality Based Truth spokesperson explained how pursuing reality based truth is actually the most loving thing people can do for one another. Why is this true? This understanding is firmly based in a world view that believes that all reality has been created with intention and purpose by a Master Designer. When people humbly submit themselves to live in harmony with this design, they genuinely thrive.  

“Real love seeks the well being of all people, and cares enough to say hard things. When  individuals deviate from objective reality created by the Master Designer, real love says, ‘No matter how strongly one  may FEEL that they are a mermaid — that is NOT true. Human beings are not designed anatomically to be mermaids. Wearing a large plastic fin on your backside doesn’t make you a mermaid anymore than someone putting on a red rubber nose makes them  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. ‘ “

To date, the  RBT team has given away hundreds of t -shirts and they are planning to create a national movement. Turning Point USA has shown interest in helping get the word out. They hope to attract the attention of many more Reality Based Truth thinkers as well as media influencers.

Finally, the RBT team, believes that living a subjective based reality  is dangerous not only for children but for everyone around. A key spokesperson for the movement said, “When any community small or large believes in feelings based truth and willfully ignores the need for those feelings to connect and correspond with  objective reality then the fruit of such crazy thinking will be the disintegration of everything good, true and right. We grieve the loss of innocence of  children and deeply desire to see our families and communities and nation revived. First to love God, their Creator, and  then to love their neighbor as  themselves and finally to honor God’s word , the Bible, by believing and obeying it. “

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~V.A. Browne