Raúl Labrador Visits Coeur d’Alene in Week Before Election

Raúl speaks to Kootenai County citizen

Tuesday evening, Attorney General candidate Raúl Labrador mingled with voters in a rather chilly McEuen Park. He wore a long black coat to protect against the coldness.

Under the pavilion in the middle of the park, guests ate hamburgers and hotdogs free of charge. Children as well as adults were invited to get their face painted. Labrador suggested that the adults could get a flag on their cheeks. Specialty rocks and drinks were also for sale.

After about an hour of eating, talking and listening to live music, the coordinator of the event took the microphone and introduced a number of local candidates. She then turned stage over to Labrador who told the audience of about fifty why he was the best choice for Attorney General. He began by stating that the incumbent is no longer the best option for the office: “We’ve had the same Attorney General for twenty years. He’s been an elected official for twenty years, but even worse than that, he was in the office prior to being an elected official for ten years as the Deputy Attorney General. So that means that he’s been in that office for thirty years. And during that thirty-year period, he has changed.”

Labrador proceeded to tell a story about a former law school companion of Wasden who decided to vote for Labrador because he believed the current Attorney General had changed for the worst after being in the office too long.

According to Labrador, Wasden “Has been there too long, and he thinks that he represents the bureaucracy.”

Among other things, Labrador touted his founding membership in the Freedom Congress with members like Ron DeSantis while pitching himself as the best replacement for Wasden.

I talked to one man who was there, Nathaniel Ludlow, who said that he and his wife Judy had originally supported Art Macomber, but shifted their support to Labrador when he stepped into the race because of his ability to defeat incumbent Lawrence Wasden due to his national acclaim: “From the start we have supported Art [Macomber]. . . but then Raúl puts his hat in after being in . . . [the] national security and all that and with Trump and everything there’s just no question his numbers are going to be better. . . But Wasden’s like a Democrat or a RINO.”