Post Falls School Board Member Resigns to Move East

After six months of service on the Post Falls School Board, Guy McAninch has reluctantly decided to move back east.

“It breaks my heart to leave this town that I love and all of my patients and friends and my extended family. It's definitely a really hard decision and we struggle with it, but we're trying to keep our eye on the future as we close this chapter.”

In a recent interview with the Kootenai Journal, McAninch detailed what has changed in the area, his thoughts on the Post Falls School District, and what he hopes the district can accomplish in the future.

“The opportunity to have a large tract of land for my kids is very appealing,” McAninch said. “We see how ridiculous prices are getting here, even apartments; it's almost impossible for a young family to get a start here.”

McAninch ran on a platform of family values and promised to oppose Critical Race Theory if it became an issue in the area. However, after some volunteers helped vet a few local textbooks, McAninch said it wasn’t as big an issue in this area as he supposed–yet.

Instead, he found there was another more pressing issue: social media. He tells of stories he heard as a board member, of students in the fourth grade being exposed to gay porn. “What a fourth grader needs a smartphone for, I don’t know,” he said.

He also told a story about a parent being shocked her middle school student was insisting her mother use her preferred pronouns. When pressed where this was coming from the student replied it was a social media challenge.

Concerning CRT in Post Falls curriculum he said “we're kind of in a sweet spot here and obviously every school district is different, but the administration in the Post Falls School District has been actively resisting that sort of movement.”

McAninch had nothing but good things to say about Post Falls Superintendent Dena Naccarato...

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