Post Falls Man Barricades Himself in Room After Ordering Dog Attack

Neighborhood where dog attack occurred

According to a press release from the Post Falls Police Department, a man was arrested Tuesday after a drawn out struggle with officers.

Fifty-five-year-old Randy Ness’s problems began when he drunkenly called police on Monday night asking the police force to take him away. When officers went to his door to check on him, Ness flipped off the officers. When he got to the door, he let out his dog and commanded him to attack the officers. One of the officers dodged the dog while another was forced to incapacitate the canine with his firearm.

After this, Ness went back inside and would not come to the door any longer. Officers decided to obtain a warrant for his arrest and come back later.

It wasn’t until Tuesday afternoon when a group of Post Falls Police officers returned and attempted to arrest Ness. He was not going to go easily, however. He darted to the back of his house where he blockaded himself from police officers. Police were forced to use tear gas and other special tools to pressure Ness to surrender, which he did after more than an hour.

Ness was charged with several crimes including one felony.