Post Falls Annexes Ninety-Four Acres With Broad Support

Area annexed into Post Falls. School site shown in blue

The Post Falls City Council voted to annex about ninety-four acres into the city which may be used for the construction of a new school. The plot of land is near the intersection of Prairie Avenue and Highway 41.

While people usually go to local government meetings to share a grievance, a large crowd of Kootenai County residents came to the meeting last Tuesday to show their support for the annexation. Most of the residents supporting the annexation did so on the basis of their support for the school which is planned to be installed there: the Kootenai Classical Academy.

However, Post Falls Mayor Ronald G. Jacobson noted that the vote the council was considering was not technically for the school, but for the annexation of the land. While the annexation will pave the way for the building of the school, it will also open up the doors for some other types of businesses like hospitals, hotels, etc.

After more than an hour of discussion about the annexation mostly consisting of community support, the Council voted unanimously to annex the ninety-four acres.

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