Police Up Staffing for Memorial Day

According to a May 27 press release from the Idaho State Police, a full staff patrol was ordered for the holiday weekend. The increased personnel started last Friday and will continue into Labor Day.

The purpose of the force increase is primarily to keep unsafe drivers off the road. According to the release, “The consequences of choosing to drive while impaired are real. Each year in Idaho, over 100 people die due to an impaired driver. Hundreds more are injured, and countless families are shattered. That's why ISP is asking drivers to take extra precautions this holiday weekend and help do their part to help prevent impaired driving.”

The state police asked drivers to make sure that they had a plan for getting home–whether that be a designated driver, a taxi, or rideshare. They also asked event planners to make sure they had non-alcoholic beverages available.

The police also wished Idaho residents a happy Memorial Day: “On behalf of everyone at the Idaho State Police, please enjoy a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend. Drive safe and sober, and always buckle up.”

Daniel W. Newman