Please vote “no” on November 8.

Reclaim Idaho is putting an education issue on the November 8 ballot. We are asked to spend 300 million more on education. This measure is sure to pass, no matter how much it raises our taxes, because after all, “it is for the children”.

Some want us to believe that the more money we spend on education the better our education will be. It has been shown time and time again that spending more money has little to do with academic achievement.

Idaho spends a little over $8,000 per pupil on education. Washington DC spends a little over $18,000 per pupil. Yet achievement in DC is no better. A judge in Kansas City, Missouri decided to spend unlimited amounts on education, yet in ten years it made little difference.

If you want to tax yourself much more and pay teachers more, then remember they only work ten months a year and have many other benefits.

Spending more on education will do little to improve achievement, but it will make a lot of teachers and administrators richer. Is that what you want? Please vote “no” on November 8.


Jim Hollingsworth