Op-Ed: One Citizen; One Vote

I've made it crystal clear to my family, friends, and loved ones that when I die, I (a life-long Conservative) will not become a Progressive Democrat. I feel the need to say this because so very many people seem to become active Democrat voters after their souls leave their bodies.

After all, it was the dead in Texas and Chicago that launched JFK past Nixon in 1960. Dead and nonexistent voters in several Democrat Florida counties inspired Al Gore to try to use selected recounts to steal the 2000 election.

2020's Presidential elections saw mass ballots mailed blindly to all kinds of voters: dead, moved, mentally challenged, alien, and fictional. Just enough late and mailed-in ballots were found to "elect" Biden.

Now, in 2022, we are supposed to believe that Katie Hobbs, the Democrat who would not debate and who also happened to supervise Arizona's gubernatorial election, defeated the charismatic Kari Lake. This, after a week of chaotic ballot handling that amounted to voter harvesting.

Democrat political machines have proven again and again that they are willing to accept defeat only if there is a landslide Republican victory. Democrats never seem to lose close races. They always manage to keep counting until they find just enough ballots to declare themselves victorious, as they did in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Liberals used to care about Voting Rights. Much of the impetus behind the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was about the righteous crusade to dismantle Jim Crow voter suppression (a product of Democrat politicians in the South). Yet today, as Liberals profit from the dilution of American votes, they are utterly silent on the issue.

Enough is enough! My voting rights, and those of every other American citizen, are nullified whenever a fraudulent vote is accepted. We, the citizens of good will on all sides, must reform our elections and return them to contests determined by one citizen, one vote. If we fail to secure our elections, we will descend further into chaos.

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