NIC Replaces Missing Members

Pete Broschet speaks to NIC Board

Last Friday on May 6th, NIC hosted a meeting for the Idaho’s Board of Education. The Board of Education, required by the state’s constitution, deals with education decisions of children in kindergarten through their senior year in the 115 school district here in Idaho.

People on Idaho's Board also serve as chainmen for the state colleges and help solve any problems. These people are volunteers with different educational backgrounds and different perspectives. Their main goal is to help local boards make the best decisions for their schools.

The most recent of their meetings was called to fix a problem within the local Board at North Idaho College. The Board addressed the lack of seats filled at the community college and took it upon themselves to fill the spots until the next election. As someone on the committee said, "Hopefully, then we get to November, and the citizens speak in the ballot box, the institution will be in a better place than it is."

Dr. Hill, a member of the NIC committee, spoke about finding chairpersons to make the community college worthy of accreditation. After members reviewed thirty-seven applications and interviewed eight applicants, three were chosen to join as chairmen. The people selected for this position are Dr. David Wold (Zone 1), John Goedde (Zone 2), and Pete Broschet (Zone 5). The Board voted unanimously to complete NIC's Board with these selected applicants.