NIC Changes Leadership

Goedde watches as Banducci releases insurance information

The North Idaho College board of trustees held a special meeting Friday evening at six.

Main point of contention was the payment range to be given to candidates for president of the college. Todd Banducci and Greg McKenzie wanted the new president’s possible salary to begin at $180,000 while the other three recently appointed members wanted the minimum possible salary of $220,000.

After a few votes had passed and it became clear that Banducci and McKenzie had been outvoted, McKenzie began to show disinterest in the meeting, looking at his phone for most of the latter half.

Banducci took umbrage with a report that claimed the insurance carrier had dropped the school because of the board’s actions. “A lot of people have again have had a lot of questions: why we lost the insurance; and why are we appealing it; and why don't we go to the commercial coverage; and what exactly transpired or contributed to being here. And the paper had an interesting perspective. I'd like to share some additional information.”

Banducci then shared that he had posted two documents on the table at the entrance of the building. The one was a letter from the college’s current insurance provider, ICRMP, stating that the school’s insurance will be ending on July 1. The other was a spreadsheet showing insurance claims from November of 2017 to March of 2022. The spreadsheet’s highest expense by more than a million dollars was a claim in relation to a wind storm. The firing of the President was only about ten percent of the total claims during that period.

As soon as Banducci announced that he had posted that spreadsheet, trustee Goedde expressed surprise that he was posting that information: “Mr. chairman that loss run is not public information. That is confidential.” Banducci responded by saying that he was making it public. At that, trustee Goedde threw his glasses on the table.

At the end of the meeting, new officers were chosen. Before Banducci nominated Wold to be the next chairman of the board he went over to his chair and whispered something into his ear. All three of the trustees recently appointed voted themselves to fill a number of key positions on the board. During the course of the evening, Banducci questioned the legitimacy of the members appointments: “How much does a trustee cost by the way? I’d like to know. Or two or three trustees.”

Interim President Michael Sebaaly commended the board for working together and congratulated everyone for their involvement in the commencement which had occurred earlier in the day.