MJ's Corner: Woke up or WAKE UP!

I laughed when I came across this meme. Sadly, it speaks a tragic truth about where we are today in our American culture and even the world.  So many examples can be

given where wokism shows up, especially in our military. There’s a growing number of newly enlisted men who at tax payer expense ‘transition’ their full blooded testosterone rich self to a ‘woman’ who abundantly supplies himself with female

hormones and hires a surgeon to castrate himself.  The woke community calls this progress. It’s NOT!! It’s serious REGRESSION. In times  past, mental hospitals and insane asylums would care for anyone whose thinking was so seriously skewed from reality. It’s hard to imagine how such a conversation about basic biology is on the front page and being seriously discussed in woke academic institutions.  Woke minded or foolish folks have knowingly or unknowingly swallowed the lie that gender is neutral and fluid and only on the whim of feeling can you self identify as anything, or anyone. I can self identify as a peacock or a duck billed platypus. Never mind reality, it’s all based on subjective feelings. In this distorted woke mindset, subjectivism rules. Everyone who opposes this fruit loopy thinking and behavior is ‘not normal’ and to be shunned and shamed for not going along with the woke pretend world of make believe. Wokes scream, “ INJUSTICE” because non wokes won’t fall down and blindly chant, “Yes , the emperor is wearing clothes! Non Wokes  clearly understand that the only the reality to believe is the reality that connects and is anchored  to objective truth,  anything else is only a fairy tale. Believing wokism is like believing the fairy tale that the emperor is wearing a full suit of clothes even though the reality is that he is strutting proudly in his birthday suit in full view of everyone whose come to his kingdom’s parade. The only one who has the courage to  call out the lie , is a small boy who tugs on his mommy’s coat to get her attention and then says , “But Mommy, the emperor is NOT WEARING ANY CLOTHES. “

The woke military is not wearing any clothes and the rest of the woke world too.

Such insane wokism, is creating a shortage of men and women in the military. This year our military will be short by 10,000 men and women  in the age range from 18-24, and this is expected to continue into the future. To compensate for such a loss,  our military is lessening the standards. Now there is no  need for a high school diploma.

Our readiness to protect this great nation is in danger and will continue unless we have a renewed sense of patriotism, honor, and pride and not wokism. We need men and women who are mature , and reality based in their thinking, hard working, responsible and have a heart for real education and truth.

Many of our young men play video games and waste precious time not planning for their future. Alcohol and drugs still play a part in this downward spiral. Death is a reality based consequence.

Our schools are contributing to our children’s future failure. Not long ago,

Mr. Auslander, a father of a student at East-town School District in Pennsylvania , attempted to review woke curriculum of his child’s school district. He  was only able to look at the material and not receive copies of it. He was quickly escorted out of the school building.

This case is now in the courts because  Mr. Auslander’s constitutional rights as a parent to know how and what their child is being taught was violated.

Be active in your school boards and with your child’s teacher. It’s your constitutional right. As our constitution correctly says, “We hold these truths  to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights , that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. “

We must wake up and not woke up. Being a helicopter parent, hovering and protecting our children from such widespread cultural woke lies and nonsense may not be such a bad idea. My grown son, puts his arm around me today and says, “ Mom, even if you were an Apache Hawk fully loaded helicopter  parent when I was growing up, I’m very glad that you were.  I like living the truth instead of the woke lie. Thanks so much for caring! “ May the Lord  help us all and especially parents to have the moral courage to speak wisdom and truth to our children and loved ones to puncture the insane lie of wokism.  Woke up or WAKE UP!

for more info, visit ww.realitybasedtruth.com

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