Letter to the Editor:

As a practicing attorney and former NIC adjunct professor, I am dismayed at developments at NIC. After reviewing nearly 40 documents on the NIC website related to accreditation and the College’s responses, including some NIC policies, the former President’s contract, and the current NIC Attorney’s fee agreement, I conclude that the NIC Board of Trustees is acting outside of Idaho law regarding fiduciary college trustees.

The scare tactic complaints about NIC’s accreditation seem to be a smokescreen. If the so-called “Friends of NIC,” Christie Wood, and others had a prosecutable case against Mr. Banducci, they would have made it. Instead, these “Friends” have put NIC at risk by conjuring threats to accreditation. Witness the FAQ on the NIC website: “Is North Idaho College going to lose its accreditation?” The answer is “That's not likely.” The scare campaign by the slate of Friends of NIC is a dodge to draw attention from more egregious flaws in NIC governance that are not triggered by Messrs. Banducci or McKenzie.

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