Keep Right with Ralph K. Ginorio: BIDEN’S DEMAGOGIC INTENT

As many of his sycophants in the remnant 20th Century media said, this was a wartime speech by a wartime President alarming us all to the sudden dangers posed by an existential enemy of “Our Democracy”. His most public supporters rallied around Biden’s flag, reclaiming the patriotic high ground abandoned by Democrats in the Viet-Nam era.

The rest of us, Moderates and Conservatives, reacted with bemusement or derision when the new enemy was declared. Was Biden declaring a “War on Poverty”, a struggle against Inflation, a fight to reclaim the American Dream against the permanent bureaucracy, a crusade against the genocidal Red Chinese, a “war on Drugs”, a fight to reestablish control over our borders, a struggle to reclaim our streets from vagrants and criminals, or any other clarion call to protect our deteriorating way of life?

Of course not! Our American Republic’s new common enemy is “Maga Republicans”. Biden just declared half of the American electorate to be enemies of the state. I, and other Conservatives like me, are now equated with Al Quaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, MS-13, Putin’s Russia, the Columbian Drug Lords, and for all intents and purposes Sauron of Mordor; a new proverbial Axis of Evil.

Politically-savvy people might fairly wonder why a seasoned political pro like Biden would so blatantly engage in vulgar and obvious demagoguery. In thought, word, and deed his call to arms was in poor taste, using apolitical national symbols and the military as decorations for the most partisan political address of this year’s election season so far.

To most Americans, this type of display seems tacky at best and obscene at worst. Such bad taste, when coupled with the infantile assertion that one’s political opponents are irredeemably evil, is simply not persuasive to anyone who is not already deep within his faction. Frankly, as far as I am concerned, excerpts of this event will make priceless campaign advertisements illustrating why todays Democrats cannot be entrusted with power.

However, this broadcast makes sense when one recalls that Domestic Policy Czar Susan Rice is Biden’s Eminence Grise, the real power behind the scenes. Rice is a veteran Obama Administration official whose goal remains to effect the fundamental transformation of the United States.

Her words and actions reveal her commitment to strip all Judeo-Christian, free market, liberty-oriented, anti-Communist, patriarchal, rationalist, Enlightenment Western traditions from our public institutions and our civic life. Her replacement for these vestiges of a recognizable American culture is the typical hodgepodge of Leftist Utopianism. Her policies will bring about a great reset to a new Feudalism, where our retrogressive chauvinism, pride, liberty, and wealth will be brought under the salutary discipline of our post-Modernist betters; elites who know better than any of us how we should best live our lives.

Rice and her Obama-era cohorts have never cared about winning over the mainstream of Americans. For them, the fervor of the Democratic Party’s base can compensate for any weakness outside the body of true believers. “The base” believes that America is the central problem of our age. Anyone with loyalty to our Constitutional traditions stands against a better future. Such deplorable people are not a loyal opposition, nor are they fellow citizens with whom reconciliation is possible.

This was Biden’s thesis! Dissent is now to be seen as genuinely evil. Dissenters must be shunned, defeated, and destroyed. Political opponents are no longer to be treated with civility, restraint, or toleration as fellow Americans.

Neither civil rights nor common decency need be extended to unbelievers. Dissent is no longer the quintessential American duty of all people, Left and Right. Dissent is now to be interpreted as Heresy by “the Base”.

One does not debate with Heretics, nor does one find common ground with Heresy. Once someone is declared to be a betrayer of “The Truth”, reasoned discourse ends, and witch trials commence. Empty pyres await.

President Biden’s Administration has already begun using the coercive powers of Federal Law Enforcement against his political opponents. Not only President Trump, but all of his active followers, are being set up as targets for a new Gestapo. That is why the equivalent of four Army Divisions of new IRS Agents were hired, to fight the enemy within; to fight anyone like me.

Biden has just dehumanized us in the eyes of his followers. Every tyrant does the same. After Hitler dehumanized the Jews, a new set of Nuremberg Laws soon followed which stripped Jewish Germans of their citizenship, their rights, and eventually their very lives.

Today, we each must boldly face this stark reality. Our President has declared war on his own nation’s citizens. If we do not reclaim our government in this November’s elections, the future of freedom within our Republic might be measured in months.


In Maine and then Idaho, Ralph K. Ginorio has taught the history of Western Civilization to High School students for about a quarter-century. He is an “out-of-the-closet” Conservative educator with experience in Special Education, Public Schools, and Charter Schools, Grades 6-12. He has lived in Coeur d’Alene since 2014. "Keep Right with Ralph K. Ginorio" is available on the "Idaho Speaks" and "Conservatives' Guide" podcast networks, as well as in the "Kootenai Journal" newspaper. Email: