Idaho Police Release Crime Reports

The Idaho State Police announced on Friday that they had released their annual “Crime in Idaho” report. According to a press release from the agency, the report summarizes crime statistics at a state level. They gathered data from the various law enforcement groups in the state.

The report includes statistical data like “Statewide Crime Profile, Crimes against Persons, Property, Society, the Arrest Profile, Hate Crime in Idaho, Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted, [and] crimes categorized by jurisdiction” among other things.

A dashboard can be found on the Idaho State Police website that gives a general sense of crime trends in the state.

The state police pointed out that the data they collected does not necessarily indicate the reason for a rise or drop in crime. Rather, the data can be used to determine what crimes are on the rise or fall in specific areas of Idaho.

The report shows the crime in Kootenai County dropped more than twenty percent from 2019 to 2020. The largest crime drop came from counterfeiting, of which there were only thirty-seven cases in 2020 compared to the eighty-two in the year previous.

In Kootenai County, Violent crimes appear to have had little change: homicides increased by only one incident, and other similar crimes saw little change.

Assaults, robbery, destruction, and burglary, however, saw a sizable percentage drop of, on average, about thirteen percent.

Because these types of reports take so much time to put together, it is not clear from the Idaho State Police report what crime has done in recent months. However, data from the Coeur d’Alene City Police shows that a decrease in violent crime continued into 2021 while nonviolent crime increased. And in the first five months of 2022, crime of both natures appears to be down when compared with the same period during 2021.

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