I-90 Rest Area to be Partially Closed Indefinitely

a drone shot of highway with rest area next to it and city in the background
Arial view of rest area courtesy of IDT

According to a release from the Idaho Transportation Department, travelers will not be able to use all of the services offered by the rest area near Huetter Road. The Eastbound rest area will remain partially open, admitting commercial vehicles and watercraft inspections, but the Westbound lane will remain closed indefinitely. According to the department, the closure is due to a lack of janitors: "'Back in late June, we had to terminate our contract with the cleaning company,' Operations Engineer Ryan Hawkins said. 'The restroom and grounds were not being maintained per the standards of the contract and were posing a health risk.'

The Idaho Transportation Department has hired another contractor to perform a deep clean of the facilities and will solicit a new contractor for continued, ongoing maintenance.

'In the past, we have not had many companies interested in providing this service, so we are not sure when we will be able to fully restore operations,' Hawkins said. 'In the meantime, we encourage travelers to stop in Post Falls or Coeur d’Alene."