Home Calls Are Back In Style

True North Mobile Medicine is one of the newest health care innovations in Kootenai County. The mobile urgent care service is the only one of its kind in Kootenai County.

Unofficially, the service began last year when Rebekah Syverson, an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, and Brooke Kane, a Registered Nurse, met to care for patients who were suffering from Covid, according to the group. The group began caring for the patients in their homes and quickly realized that they were uniquely equipped to do in home care. It wasn’t until May of this year that True North Mobile Medicine was officially formed.

The service grew out of a desire to expand access to medical services in Kootenai County. The innovative new service also eliminates many of the expenses traditionally associated with a brick-and-mortar emergency care service.

Compared to a normal primary care or urgent care center, True North is comfortably situated: it is able to do anything one of those traditional services is able to do. It also offers additional services. Some of the services are “sutures, ear lavage, IV hydration and vitamin and mineral infusions, splinting, casting, knee and shoulder injections, steroid injections for allergies, IV antibiotics and other medications, ingrown toenail treatments, breathing treatments and oxygen,” according to the group. They also offer a primary care service.

Because True North believes that mobile medicine helps patients feel more comfortable, they don’t plan on offering a fixed location in the near future. However, the group is open to the possibility of an office or mobile medicine van.

True North is transparent when it comes to pricing. On its website, it lists the prices for various procedures. They accept major payment styles as health savings cards. Additionally, True North offers payment plans for patients who have a membership. Patients who have insurance can submit their costs to their insurance provider with detailed receipts and applicable codes for reimbursement.

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