Hayden Group Accuses Developers of Violating Wetland Laws

Area where logging is occuring

roup of concerned Hayden citizens has been sounding the alarm over developments that they say will lead to flooding in their neighborhood and may harm the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. Currently, the land in the Stone Creek North subdivision is being logged in preparation for the new development. Retired architectural and construction representative Paul Akiyama is helping citizens bring their concerns to the City Council.

In late June, Akiyama’s group finished gathering 150 signatures which they presented to the City Council. In the petition, they asked the city to “1) stop the clearing and logging operations until construction plans have been approved, Construction Improvement Agreement has been executed and a pre- construction conference has been completed between the developer and the City in accordance with MDA Section 4.5; and 2) modify the MDA to protect the wetlands and stream in accordance with MDA Section 7.3 and City of Hayden Code 12-3-4 paragraph 19,d (2).” Essentially, the group wants to ensure that the developers go through the proper processes before they begin their operations.

According to Akiyama, the city has not been eager to hear the complaints: “Our written inquiries about several major topics were ignored by City staff and Council members.” Akiyama says that the group has felt stymied along the way: “Then Planning and Zoning Director invited us to meet face to face with her and the City Engineer to discuss our written inquiries and review the construction drawings under their review. The president of our HOA and myself attending the 8/20/2021 meeting. The City Engineer refused to participate in the meeting agenda and show us the construction plans and discuss our inquiries. We were stonewalled.”

7 Lakes LLC is the company responsible for this development. Mark Johnson, the man behind 7 Lakes, did not respond by the time of publishing.

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