Hayden Citizens Worried Zoning Changes Would Eliminate Input

Save Hayden representative speaks about zoning changes

A group of Hayden residents met Monday night to discuss upcoming zoning changes in the City of Hayden. The group is known as the Save Hayden Citizen Group. The purpose of the group is to motivate Hayden residents to be involved in the growth facing the Hayden area.

Their concern stems from growth that has been taking place in the surrounding areas as well as growth already underway in Hayden which gives an air of irresponsibility.

According to one of the representatives of the Save Hayden group, proposed zoning changes would allow for higher density housing as well as prevent them from being examined by local residents. Under the current system, only a small number of areas are designated for higher density housing like apartments or town houses. However, a special permit can be granted if a developer wants to build such housing in an area not zoned for it. This requires the proposal to be brought before the council where public comment can be given. Under the new plan, more land would be subject to development as a matter of right, which means that the developers would not be required to bring their projects under the scrutiny of the City Council or public comment.

While careful to point out that there was not necessarily wrong with having a plan, the representative also said that the goal of the Hayden City Council is to be prepared for a projected population doubling set to be reached by 2040. This plan has been widely contested. Accordingly, the zoning changes appear to be only a small portion of the plan. According to some members of the group, these gradual steps may convince Hayden residents to accept a plan which would not be beneficial to them.

One of the attendees shared his concern that a local deforestation might not align with wet land laws. This observation was met by pushback from another in the group who pointed out that if the property belonged to the people in the group, they would protest their inability to use their private property as they saw fit. In response, the concerned man pointed out that the land was likely to be used for resale purposes.

Overall, the group asked Hayden residents to pay attention to what was going on their city and make sure that they were not allowing the City Council to act irresponsibly. They asked residents to go to the next Hayden City Council meeting to be held on Tuesday.

For more information about the Save Hayden group, reach out to them by email: savehayden@proton.me.

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