Dr. Douglas Frank outlines plan for fixing elections in Kootenai County

Updated: May 27

Dr. Frank speaks to crowd at Candlelight

The Gathering of Patriots to Discuss Election Integrity held another showing of 2000 Mules on Tuesday evening. About 250-300 people made it to the second showing.

After the showing, MyPillow founder Mike Lindell spoke to the crowd via a Skype video connection. He said that Idaho had sent him a six-thousand-dollar bill after a recount apparently turned up no definitive results.

Lindell also mentioned the fact that many media organizations have prevented him and others from reporting on election irregularities on their platforms.

According to Lindell, the United States is now in the midst of a revival. Multiple lawsuits are underway that will prevent states from using the voting machines that according to him helped facilitate election fraud in the 2020 election. Lindell says that he is coming to Idaho in order to obtain a preliminary injunction disallowing the continued use of election machines.

After the short address from Mike Lindell, Dr. Douglas Frank gave a presentation discussing specific details of election integrity in Kootenai County. According to a short biography from the Truth & Liberty Coalition, Dr. Frank has about sixty peer reviewed publications. The focus of his academic career was in physics. He developed a method for microscopes to view molecules, and later worked creating defense products and other highly technical products.

Dr. Frank began with a broad overview of election problems across the United States. He claims that many states have inflated voter rolls. . . . to read the rest, please subscribe.