County to Talk Impact Fees

According to a press release from Kootenai County, the government is planning to host local Mayors to discuss impact fees: "On Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 10:00 am, the Board of County Commissioners will be hosting a meeting with the Mayors of the County to discuss Impact Fees. Kootenai County is experiencing historic levels of growth. The County Board of Commissioners is taking steps to reduce the pressure on existing taxpayers by adopting mechanisms to allow growth to 'pay for itself.' The Commissioners are sensitive to the pressures that growth is putting on all the Mayors of the cities of Kootenai County, and acknowledge the steps the Mayors have already taken to plan for this growth.

Many cities already collect impact fees, and are currently considering the collection of impact fees for Fire and EMS districts. Kootenai County is currently evaluating the adoption of impact fees for the County Sheriff, Jail and Parks & Waterways. Growth within cities will create a demand for additional capital infrastructure to ensure the current level of service in these areas does not decrease as growth occurs. In order to do so, the County needs to discuss having each of the cities collect the County's impact fees at the point of building permits for new development in each city.

Kootenai County invites all the County Mayors to a meeting to discuss the proposed fees and process for the adoption and collection. The Commissioners intend to continue to develop its partnerships with the cities to plan for future growth.

The Commissioners have been looking into Impact Fees since early 2021. A contract was signed with Galena Consulting, spring of 2022, for the implementation process of the fees. The Commissioners are exploring the benefits of impact for several reasons. For instance, infrastructure has potential high costs in the future. Impact fees can fund critical infrastructure needed in the future which would provide an alternate funding source rather than relying solely on property taxes."