CDA City Council Meeting Draws Controversy

City Council in session on Tuesday

The Coeur d’Alene City Council met Tuesday night to discuss a resolution that provides a more streamlined process for developers seeking permission from the city for their projects. According to the resolution presenter, the bill would allow for a development process that is closer to that used in Hayden and Post Falls. It would also allow the city to have greater flexibility in imposing specific requirements on developers. The resolution passed unanimously.

Justin O’Connell spoke in public comment on the resolution, however, his testimony appeared to be sarcastic. According to O’Connell, passage of the resolution would make it easier for large developers like Blackrock push their projects through, which he claimed would make Coeur d’Alene look more like Portland.

During the broad public testimony section, three people spoke on a variety of subjects. Mike Gridley spoke about the production of T-Shirts that say “North Idaho Rejects Hate.” He also spoke in favor of the slogan “Love Lives Here.” According to him, many people in Coeur d’Alene are disappointed with local bullies.

Teressa Bournepoll praised the city for its handling of recent events, saying that the city did an excellent job organizing the events. She also spoke in favor of the “North Idaho Rejects Hate” T-shirts and lamented the fact that white supremacist had held an event in Coeur d’Alene several years ago, saying that they would never come back.

Last, Linda Putz spoke about the apparent violation of Idaho law at the Drag Performance held in the park a couple weeks ago. According to Putz, the performance included a violation of a law which requires adults to refrain from sexual touching while in front of children.

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