American Legion Leads Memorial Ceremony in Evergreen Cemetery

Jim Culpepper speaks at Memorial Day event.

On Monday at noon, the City of Post Falls, in collaboration with the American Legion, held a short twenty minute ceremony to honor those American soldiers, firefighters, police, and others who fell in the line of duty.

About a hundred people gathered in the center of the cemetery, surrounded by graves, many of which had full sized flags placed beside them. Many older people were seated underneath a canopy about twenty-five feet from the podium.

The primary speaker was a member of the American Legion. He talked about the Legion’s four pillars and how they related to the deaths of the brave people who gave everything in service of their country.

At one point, Jim Culpepper (a commander in a local chapter of the American Legion) read aloud the names of those veterans who had passed away during the previous year and were buried in that cemetery. After each name was read, a bell was tolled to honor the fallen veteran.

One of the more solemn aspects of the ceremony was when a wreath was placed to honor the fallen heroes. One wreath was brought up with a man and woman on each side of the wreath. They placed the wreath in front of the podium and stood at attention. Then, they returned to their seats.

After the ceremony, attendees slowly and quietly began to mill back to the parts of Kootenai County from which they had come. At least one member of the Post Falls City Council was in attendance for the Memorial Day event.

Daniel W. Newman