2000 Mules Shows At Candlelight

Updated: May 24

Audience awaits presentation in Candlelight auditorium

Friday night, Candlelight Christian Fellowship was packed with people ready to watch Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film, 2000 Mules. It was difficult to find parking, even a half of an hour before the event was scheduled to begin.

Inside the doors, venders stood by their tables. The vendors were of two types. One group was selling food and the others were promoting a political cause or campaign. Candidates of various local races were actively speaking to people there.

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by Bela Kovacs with a flyer. He asked me if I voted in the area. Kovacs is running to be the next Kootenai County Assessor.

The event was a special showing of the recently released election integrity research documentary hosted by the Gathering of Patriots to Discuss Election Integrity. According to event coordinator Joe Alfieri, the event was costly to host. He said that he got the idea when he found out that the film would not be showing locally.

Before the main film, a couple short promotional political advertisements were shown as well as greetings from Lt. Governor candidate Priscilla Giddings, Governor candidate Janice McGeachin, and director Dinesh D’Souza himself.

Alfieri also spoke to Dr. Douglas Frank in a prerecorded conversation about the integrity of elections in Kootenai County. Dr. Frank said that in older demographics, almost the same number of ballots are cast as voting age population. According to him, this is indicative of ballot stuffing, which means that people have been recorded as voting when they really did not. Dr. Frank said that his evidence is not proof of fraud, but a good indication that fraud may exist. Dr. Frank advised people to ask for an end to mail in ballots in order to solve this issue. After the film was shown, Alfieri and Secretary of State candidate Dorothy Moon answered questions from people in the audience. Most questions concerning the steps people should take to correct the election integrity problem in Kootenai County.

Not everyone at the film was from Kootenai County, however. One Washington State resident asked Moon what the most secure way for him to deliver his ballot will be. (Voting in person is not an option in Washington State where only mail-in or drop off ballots are used.) She told him that the most secure thing he can do is to give it directly to an election official on election day.

According to Alfieri, Dr. Frank is planning to speak in person at the next event hosted by the Gathering of Patriots to Discuss Election Integrity.

Additionally, the group plans to distribute hundreds of copies of the film around the community.