At the Kootenai Journal, we want you to be informed about what's happening in Kootenai County, whether that be in politics, business, sports, or whether. That's why we're working to bring you the best coverage of local news.

Christian Worldview

At the Kootenai Journal, we believe that Jesus is the King of everything, and that includes news. This means that the way we report news should always align with the word of God. 

Unbiased Reporting

A reporter should be like an intelligence agent for the President of the United States. His job is to tell the President what is happening so that he can make the best decision. Similarly, we want you to have all of the best information for you to live your life and be involved in your community. It isn't our job to tell you what to think in our reporting articles. This lack of bias doesn't apply to opinion pieces which we strive to keep clearly separate 


What Prompted The Kootenai Journal?

We started the Kootenai Journal after seeing a lack of journalism in Kootenai County that aggressively reported facts in a way that respects citizens.

Who Funds the Kootenai Journal?

The Kootenai Journal is primarily funded by our subscribers, advertisers, and owner.

Where do you get your leads?

We frequently get leads from information on the internet, word of mouth, tips, as well as noticing things as we are about the county on our work.

What is your vision for the future?

We want the Kootenai Journal to be the top news reporting agency in the county with daily updates.

Soli Deo Gloria

The Kootenai Journal exists to bring glory to God and to Jesus Christ His son by finding and reporting objective truth.

In God’s Word, John 1 points us to Jesus Christ as the “word” and “light of the world.” Later Jesus says that He is the way, the truth, and the life. There is a right way, and a wrong way; and the right way is found in Christ. 

The Bible teaches explicitly that Jesus Christ will return to judge the world for its sinfulness. Throughout scripture we find people reacting to that pronouncement in a number of different ways.

Some sought to defy God, while others attempted to pacify His wrath. Paul told the truth to a prison warden when he said that salvation comes only by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Christ having already defeated the forces of rebellion, now reigns by His Father. In time, Christ will bring all things under his dominion, last of all death. Now, God is commanding all people everywhere (and that means you!) to cast themselves at the mercy of His Son Jesus Christ.